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  • dry and damaged
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  • tangled when washed
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  • color preservation
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The Dirty Truth

Why Go Clean

Why Go clean?

Did you know the beauty and cosmetic industry is relatively unregulated? Cosmetic and beauty companies alike can manufacture whatever they deem acceptable with little to no regulation or oversight from the government.

The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop

We did a deep dive into the ingredients in many of the most popular beauty products and did not like what we found. But we also knew these products were popular because they seemed to be effective. Could it be possible to look your best without feeling dirty?

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

Briogeo was born from our family tradition of creating effective products with clean, naturally-derived ingredients. Best of all, we offer products for ALL hair types. No longer do you have to make dirty sacrifices to achieve the healthy, beautiful hair of your dreams.

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the readers' choice award

Voted best de-frizzer, this light-weight blow dry crème smooths strands while heat protecting up to 450°F.

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"I'm not exaggerating when I say [Don't Despair, Repair!] is the single most effective hair treatment I've ever used."

“The female-led hair startup Briogeo delivered the only scalp care products you'll ever need."

"Rosarco Milk is proof that natural products can deliver serious results..."

"...these vitamin-rich [Superfood] products give your strands the kind of nourishment that a green juice gives your bod."

"Applying this light [Curl Charisma] cream...curls I never knew I even had start to appear."