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My hair is very damaged, I bleach and heat treat my hair on a regular basis. It was pretty limb and I kept getting these tangles on the ends of my hair. I have never used a sulfate-free shampoo, but decided to try a natural haircare line. OMG, one of the best decisions I made! The Rosarco shampoo and conditioner smelled amazing. It left my hair smooth and hydrated. My absolute favorite is the Rosarco milk spray, it's my new addiction. Not only is it a lightweight stay in conditioner but every time I spray it my hair smells sooo good. I bought the Blossom & Bloom Volumizer Spray. It made my limp hair feel thicker and fuller, amazing! Briogeo is my new favorite haircare line. -Melinda M. Yee, San Francisco, CA

As a passionate, on-the-go hair stylist, I need my products to last all day and work from the inside out. My hair was super dry and always breaking. Briogeo's natural oil based formulas have literally changed my life! The Rosarco line is my FAV! My tresses feel silky, more nourished and my length seems to be growing more too. I have to believe in the brands I support, and showcasing this on a daily basis has never made me feel more beautiful! - Jacquellne Patel, Garwood. NJ

I am in LOVE with the Rosarco collection from Briogeo! I am constantly bleaching my hair to achieve that perfect blonde, but It doesn't always leave my hair feeling so perfect. After I started using the Rosarco shampoo. conditioner and milk my hair has been saved! It has left my hair feeling softer and I am noticing less breakage as well. Anyone who colors or thermal styles their hair should be using this product. Thank you Briogeo for saving my hall <3 -Alyssa Lauder. Schenectady, NY

I tried the Don't Despair, Repair! deep- conditioning mask and It did wonders for my hair. It leaves my air really soft and shiny without feeling weighed down and greasy. As a plus, I used a small amount as a leave-In prior to a blow out and couldn't believe how well It worked without leaving any residue. This product is definitely a keeper. -Melanie H., San Francisco. CA

Before using Briogeo my hair was lifeless, dull, frizzy, flat, and lacked shine. I love Briogeo products because my hair is stronger and healthier than ever!!! I no longer experience horrible shedding and breakage. My hair is now so full of body and I receive compliments on how much healthier it looks. Thanks Briogeo!!!!! -Reyna Hardy, New York, NY -Reyna Hardy, New York, NY

I am a HUGE fan of Briogeo! My hair tends to get greasy between washes, and Be Gentle, Be Kind leaves it shiny and squeaky clean without drying out my strands. It also has a fresh scent that I love, My favorite Briogeo product by far is the Blossom & Bloom volumizing conditioner. My hair is really long and often falls flat, but Blossom & Bloom gives me thick, bouncy, beautiful hair without weighing it down, The conditioner is thick and creamy, leaving my hair wonderfully soft and silky. It feels good knowing that I am actually nourishing and making my hair healthier by using these products. -Natasha K., New York, NY

Love, love, love Briogeo! The Blossom & Bloom Collection gets my hair sky-high while on It at the same time I'm pretty obsessed with the volumizing spray which smells amazing a. brings my hair to the next level, literally. Erica O., Springfield, NJ

I have extremely thick hair that is unreceptive to most moisturizers and conditioners. As a result, my hair is high maintenance and prone to breakage. I've tried everything and was continuously left feeling disappointed. Needless to say, nothing really worked until I tried Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair hair conditioning mask. It didn't take long for me the notice the impact it had on my hair; Just after the first use I noticed a significant difference. Briogeo's products smell wonderful, they leave my hair manageable and easy to comb, as well as soft and shiny. Overall, my hair is much healthier and hasn't looked this great in years. -Cheyenne, Brooklyn, NY

I am a hair DIVA. With my curl-filled head, one bad experience with a hair care line and I will never touch it again. I have tried several natural hair care lines whose shampoos are super weak and leave my hair feeling super dry. The Curl Charisma conditioner is so creamy and nourishing leaving my curls feeling super soft and bouncy. Briogeo's hair care line has done wonders for my hair, -Julie T., Virginia

I can honestly say I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair. I have fine hair-but a lot of it— And using the Blossom and Bloom Ginseng & Biotin Volumizing Spray (along with the Shampoo) gives me awesome fullness without any build up or texture. I've even been able to air dry, hair (blasting the roots dry and leaving the rest to do its thing) and loved the results... It creates softness without any frizz, SO touchable I cannot stop playing with -Rachel B., Vancouver, BC

My hair is uber thick but It lacks luster and shine because of the highlighting I get done. I cannot live without the Don't Despair. Repair! Hair Mask and the Rosarco OH. The mask brings my hair back to Life and he OH keeps my hair looking shiny. Healthy and soft all day long. - Lindsey D., Scotch Plains, NJ

Briogeo "Be Gentle, Be Gentle. Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash The best co-wash I've used! It leaves your hair and scalp feeling clean, always keeps my hair soft, healthy looking and manageable. It also defines my curls and limits the frizz as well. I'm excited that I finally found a natural cleansing conditioner that really hydrates my hair. -Areyka C., Stafford, VA

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