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Citrus Oils 101: Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit Peel

By 91234705
on June 06, 2015

BGBK_Citrus We love our citrus oils for more than just their fresh, invigorating scents and aromatherapy benefits. From lemon and lime to orange and grapefruit, each plays a special role in Briogeo products to keep your hair healthy, happy, and shiny. Citrus oils are the perfect match for giving tired locks a little extra oomph. Read on to learn how each helps quench your hair, leaving it refreshed and energized with the help of natural vitamins and minerals. Let’s get zesty, Briogeo Babes! Lemon Oil: With its low pH balance and high citric acid content, lemons have long been used for their natural cleansing and purifying properties. Not only does the scent smell fresh and clean, but rubbing a few drops onto damp hair can give grease-prone hair a light, healthy shine! Orange Oil: Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, orange oil aids in cellular regeneration. Say what?! We’re talking stimulating hair growth, eliminating split ends, and relieving dandruff...naturally! Grapefruit Peel Oil: Not only is grapefruit oil an excellent antioxidant known for its health and wellness benefits, this pink fruit is also on our list of citrus oils that prove to be great in the beauty department as well! A small amount ran through damp hair can serve as chemical strip, helping to remove leftover products like gels and hairsprays that have built up over time. It will leave your tresses feeling lighter, healthier, and a lot more manageable. Let these citrus oils invigorate your hair care routine this summer. Orange ‘ya glad you can SHOP our citrus favorites? Enjoy!

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