We’re crushing on these hairstyles for spring (or all year round!). Hairstyles for Spring 1. Air Dried Texture: This no-fuss casual look is great for busy mornings before work. Put wet hair in a braid or bun and let dry. Finish with a texture spray or dry shampoo to enhance the texture.   Hairstyles For Spring 2. Low Ponytails: For long ponytails, curl with a big barrel curler for some texture and added volume; Or try a twist like this one from The Beauty Department.   Hairstyles for Spring 3. Accessories: Nothing says spring like a flower in your hair!   Hairstyles For Spring 4. Natural Curls: We always love a natural curl for any occasion.   Hairsyles for Spring5. Braids: Braid hair to one side and leave some tendrils loose for a romantic, date night look like this one from Missy Sue. Mix it up with fun braids like the fishtail, inside out French braid.