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Beauty Multi-Tasking: Things To Do While You Deep Condition

By 91234705
on March 29, 2015

DontDespairRepairMask We often remember to protect and pamper our skin from the elements, but your hair health is just as important. Many factors can contribute to dry, damaged hair — exposure to the cold, icy rain and snow, heat tools, chemicals, and even indoor heat can dry out hair and cause breakage. Despite these sometimes inevitable factors, you can still take meaningful steps to repair and restore your hair. We recommend using a deep conditioning mask to restore hydration levels and repair damage. Deep conditioners are a concentrated form of conditioner with a higher potency than a standard conditioner. Typically left in for longer amounts of time, deep conditioners penetrate the layers of the hair follicle to effectively restore moisture, increase elasticity, and strengthen hair. While a deep conditioning mask is an effective solution for repairing hair, the time involved with doing so can sometimes be daunting. Many deep conditioning masks require at least 20 minutes of application for the most effective treatment. Your beauty routine shouldn’t need to be a burden on your personal schedule so we’ve put together a list of creative ways to fit your deep conditioning regimen into your daily activities. Tidy up. 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to spruce up your space. Dust your living room, wipe down your bathroom or kitchen, or organize your vanity. You can even take this time to clean expired products out of your medicine cabinet. Give yourself a manicure. Choose a color to spruce up an outfit for later in the week or try out a trendy nail art design. Try a hair and face mask duo. While you’re hydrating your hair, hydrate your face too with a facial mask. Leave both on then rinse off together. Clean out your emails. Emails can quickly pile up during the week. Set aside this time to give your inbox a spring cleaning. Keeping yourself organized can calm your mind, which is a great way to pamper yourself! Food prep. Prepare some healthy snacks or your lunch for work the next day. Some of our favorites are chopped carrots and celery, fruit smoothies, fresh juice, homemade trail mix, or this mason jar salad. Pour a glass of wine, and relax! Give yourself a break and catch up on the magazine pile sitting on your coffee table. Don’t let the time commitment of deep conditioning keep you from giving your hair the attention it deserves. Have any ideas that we missed? We’d love to hear about your routine.

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