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Why I Always travel with Briogeo - Travel Beauty Tips

By 91234705
on September 13, 2014

When you think about vacation, the first thing that comes to mind are you going to pack all your beauty products? Traveling can get a little tricky since you can't take every single beauty product you own with you and there's no way of knowing what you'll need on the fly. Whenever I go on any sort of trip,  you can bet that I've packed everything days in advance.  Therefore knowing a few important travel beauty tips can really help your vacation go smoothly. This applies to all my favorite beauty products and at the top of my list is Briogeo Hair Care.

Travel Beauty Tips summer, happiness, protecting hair from sun, healthy hair tips

Remember that your hair acts differently while traveling.  The weather is always different and so is the water.  At least I know that when using Briogeo my hair is going to look AWESOME.  I learned a long time ago that you must travel with the products that help make you look and feel fabulous! Check out my travel beauty tips below!

Travel beauty tips with liquids:

We remove the caps off our Briogeo bottles, cover the opening with a piece of cling wrap, and then screw the lid back on.  The extra barrier will help keep the lids on tight and protect against possible spills and leaks. Of course,  there are some TSA restrictions that really affect exactly which liquids to bring along. These restrictions are put in place to keep us safe,  so be smart with how to pack liquid products.  I have gotten pretty good at putting my Briogeo essentials in a zip lock see thru bag that is allowed to carry on.

Cruising with Briogeo

My most recent trip happened to be on a cruise.  I was able to walk on with all my favorites and even though the ship bathrooms are very small....there is always room on the shelf for my Briogeo.

My hair

I have thin, color treated, wavy hair. We are talking SJP crazy curls from Sex and the city hair.  I definitely have to put in a little work to get my hair looking fabulous and that starts by using the best tools and products possible.  I like to blow my hair out straight and then add a nice wave to my hair.  Hey...what can I say, I like sexy hair!  My hair has never looked so good. Briogeo is definitely by far one of the best hair care products I use. All Briogeo products smell fabulous and yummy, and leave my hair feeling soft, silky and shiny.  Do you have any idea how hard it is too get blonde hair shiny?  Well these products work some magic on this girls locks of wavy hair.

My Fav's

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Conditioner:  Enhances my volume, fullness and shine.  Turn on the volume and shine for me! Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!:  The best deep conditioning mask ever.  Perfect for dry, damaged, chemically treated hair. I've been using Briogeo products for approximately one year and my hair looks fabulous.  My hair dresser tells me all the time that my hair looks and feels so healthy! Trying to look good while traveling is pretty much on the top of my stress-o-meter.  I always take Briogeo along with me on vacations and follow the above travel beauty tips. The three things I can't live without while on vacation are:  Coffee, Red Lipstick, and my Briogeo. Feel beautiful, look beautiful and travel with all your fav's! Thank you Briogeo! You can learn more about Stephanie and her travel beauty tips on her blog and on IG at girliemom_blog

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