Do you know its possible for your hair to be damaged, even if on the surface your hair looks healthy? It is important to notice the signs of damaged hair immediately so you can begin to address the issue. But, how do you know if you have damaged hair? Well friend, you came to the right place! Take a look below for our top 5 signs that you have damaged hair.

Split Ends know if you have damaged hair

Split ends are one of the most noticeable signs that can help you understand whether you have damaged hair. To figure out if you have split ends, wrap small sections of your hair around your finger. If you notice any small or uneven strands sticking out - that is a split end!

Extreme Breakage and Shedding

Brushing and combing your hair should not be a terrible experience. But if you notice that large amounts of hair fall out when you comb or brush your hair, that is a sign that your hair is weak and damaged.

Dulled Shine


We all have our days when our hair is not as shiny and glamorous as we would like. However, if this goes on for several days, this is a sure way to know if you have damaged hair. In addition to helping you know if you have damaged hair, this can also be a result of product buildup which is diminishing the natural shine of your hair.



Rough Hair

Rough hair is a sign that your tresses are dry and possibly damaged. To check if your hair is rough, select a strand of hair and run it through your fingers. Pay attention to if it feels rough or smooth at the end. Repeat this with a couple other hair strands. If you notice a substantial difference in texture from one strand your hair may be damaged.

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Lack of hydration

We all know water is essential to healthy hair. If you hair is lacking hydration, this can be a sign of damaged hair. Conduct the porosity test to check this. The porosity test checks how much water your hair can hold and how quickly it absorbs water. To do the porosity test, put two or three strands of hair in water. Look at how quickly your hair absorbs the water. If the water is absorbed quickly and the hair sinks, it is porous. That means the cuticle layer is damaged which is causing the hair to lose its natural moisture. recover from sun damage, protect from sun damage, damaged hair treatment If using the above tips you've determined you have damaged hair, we recommend using a regular deep conditioning mask. Masks we recommend are fortified with goodies for your hair like ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, and strengthening keratin protein which can help restore your tresses and repair damaged hair.  If you have damaged hair, know that simple changes in your hair care regimen, like using a regular deep conditioner, can go a long way in repairing your hair.