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What causes hair breakage?

By 91234705
on September 11, 2014

At Briogeo Hair Care we spend a lot of time developing products to help you achieve healthy hair. Our products are packed with nutrients and vitamins to repair damaged care and promote healthy growth. We understand that achieving healthy hair can be a journey and in this article we discuss what causes hair breakage and ways you can avoid damaging your hair Take a look at our top 5 causes of hair breakage and our tips to avoiding them.

1. Overexposure to heat

what causes hair damage

We all love the benefits of flat ironing and blow drying your hair. You can easily and quickly achieve straight hair without permanently changing your hair. However, because heat changes the hydrogen bonds in your hair, overheating your hair over time will weaken your hair and cause hair breakage. For those times you decide to apply heat to your hair, we recommend using an oil such as the Rosarco Oil to protect your strands prior to applying the heat. Weekly deep conditioning treatments can also help restore hair damaged from heat.

 2. Unhealthy dietwhat causes hair damage

A balanced diet is important for providing your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow and be strong. Thus a diet lacking in vegetables, fruits and protein can cause hair breakage because of insufficient nutrient intake. Also, don't forget that drinking water is crucial for hydrating and nourishing your hair from within!

3. Over treatment

what causes hair damage

Perms, highlights and bleaching all offer ways to alter your hair to the right texture or color you want. However the chemicals in those treatments penetrate your cuticle and break down the protein in your hair, which are essential for healthy growth. Consequently, your hair is left weak and susceptible to damage.


 4. Not trimming endsshutterstock_37655047

On average, hair grows at about one-half inch per month. While it may seem counterproductive, not trimming your ends is a major cause of hair damage. Trimming your ends helps control split ends that lead to dry and brittle ends. Saying goodbye to those ends ensures healthy hair growth.

5. Cold Weather

Unfortunately, our last cause of hair damage is not something we can control - cold weather. Cold weather can strip your hair of nutrients and leave your tresses dry and brittle. To help combat the effects of cold weather, use a hair oil to seal in the moisture in your hair and regularly condition your hair to provide your hair with necessary vitamins and nutrients. Knowing what to avoid will help you achieve healthy tresses that are strong and can withstand the causes of hair breakage.

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