My experience of going from no poo to clean poo started 3 years ago when I started my green journey. It was sparked when I first stumbled upon Environment Working Group's website SkinDeep. I had not realized how many chemicals I was exposed to on a daily basis. I was more scared because I was exposed to more chemicals than the average person due to the fact that I'm an absolute product junkie. I started cleaning up my skin care and makeup, but for some reason, cleaning up my hair care routine never crossed my mind.

from no poo to clean poo fun

Once I realized I needed to clean everything, including my haircare, I went extreme and tried going no poo (aka no shampoo) and using just baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair. I kept researching during my no poo phase because my hair didn't seem to be getting cleaner or healthier, just grosser. As it turns out, those options aren't the healthiest for your hair due to pH imbalances with your scalp (plus, have you ever gotten baking soda or vinegar in your eyes? Hurts as much as you think it would.). So I tried various low poo options, but my hair just didn't feel happy or clean anymore. I decided that I needed to go from no poo to clean poo ASAP!

from no poo to clean poo funI got introduced to Briogeo at a green beauty event and decided to give it a try--it had natural ingredients free of all the nasties I didn't want in my hair care products, like silicones, phthalates, SLS, MEA, DEA, parabens, etc. Best of all, it had a wonderful citrus-y scent. The scents are created using natural oils and I could not wait to have my hair smell nice again. This made my transition from no poo to clean poo fun and heathy!

from no poo to clean poo fun, protect hair from sun, avoid heat, hair rest

I tried the Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind shampoo and fell in love--not only did it actually lather, my hair was rinsed clean and had a light, citrus-y smell. I cannot tell you how excited my poor boyfriend was once I stopped my no poo-ing and switched over to Briogeo. Now I get to use cleaner shampoo and not have to sacrifice having clean, nice-smelling hair. I am so happy I changed my hair routine from no poo to clean poo!

Check out this link to review the ingredients in their hair care products. I think it's important for every consumer to know and care about what goes on and into their bodies, but I love it even more when the companies explain the ingredients to you--extra points for Briogeo.

Thank you Jane for sharing your journey from no poo to clean poo! You can check Jane out on her blog and on IG at Enaj710