My secret is out....prior to a couple weeks ago, I had never co-washed in my life. When I told Briogeo founder, Nancy Twine, my secret she was astonished and to be honest a little disappointed in me! She quickly sent me a bottle of the all new Be Gentle, Be Kind Co Wash avocado + quinoa co-wash and instructed me to go try it! Well ladies, I did and it was love at first try!

What is Co-Wash

Before I opened my bottle of the Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-wash, I did some research on what exactly it is and how to co-wash. Co-washing stands for conditioner washing, aka cleaning your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. Hair experts claim that washing your hair with conditioner minimizes color damage, adds the right amount of hydration to strands and cuts down on frizz. So far, I was loving the sound of  co-washing. I label myself as a lazy beauty- meaning I prefer to do the minimum amount of work to get glam results! Thus, the idea that I could clean my hair and condition at the same time really appealed to me. However, I must say I was a little skeptical....would my hair actually get clean? So, I decided to stop doing my research and try it!

My co-wash experience and how to co-wash

how to co-wash, conditioning, hair tipsLearning how to co-wash is not complicated and pretty straightforward. I started by wetting my hair with warm water. Next, I put a small amount of the co-wash into the palms of my hair and then massaged it vigorously in my scalp for about a minute. The co-wash smelled amazing and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed my scalp massage. After rinsing my hair, I applied more co-wash into my hair but this time concentrated on my hair strands. I then rinsed with cool water making sure all of the product was rinsed out. After allowing my hair to air dry, I inspected my hair to determine if I had mastered the art of how to co-wash. First, my scalp was completely clean but did not look dry or over washed. After fully drying, my curls looked moisturized and super defined. I was so impressed that I was able to achieve these results in half the amount of time I normally spend. I finally realized the benefits and felt confident that I knew how to co-wash!

The Benefits

co wash, conditioning, how to cowash
  1. Wash hair more frequently: If you co-wash, you can wash your hair more frequently because co-washing is gentler than using shampoos. This is really beneficial for me, because my curls are at their best right after being washed. Therefore, I do not feel guilty washing my hair 2-3 days in a row using the co-wash.
  2. Moisturized hair: Co-washing includes all the benefits that come with conditioning your hair - soft and well moisturized tresses. For example, the Be Gentle Be Kind Co-Wash is fortified with hydrating shea, nourishing avocado oil & quinoa extracts, and soothing aloe to enhance manageability and healthiness of the hair. This is great if you have dry hair or scalp.
  3. Gently cleanse: By combining the cleansing properties of shampoo with conditioner, co-washing allows you to gently clean your scalp. This is great if you have sensitive hair that is dry or very brittle. It also saves you time without compromising well cleaned and conditioned hair!
  how to co-wash, curlsNow that I know how to co-wash, I have incorporated co-washing into my regular hair care routine. I still use the Be Gentle, Be Kind cleansing shampoo  after workouts but I make sure to co-wash using the Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash 2-3 times a week. I love to use it in the morning when I'm running late for work and do not have the time to shampoo and condition. My curls have never looked so bouncy and hydrated. Thank you Nancy for introducing me to co-washing. I love it!