Pool Hair, Chlorine-Damaged Hair

A refreshing dip in the pool is a summertime staple, but the effects on your strands can result in devastation. Chlorine is designed to disinfect the water, so you can’t go without it, but too much in your hair will lead to increased porosity and over-drying. Chlorine-Damaged hair is preventable, but if you are already experiencing chlorine-damaged hair, your mane can be saved! tips to protect hair from sun, healthy hair tips, hair care, Chlorine-Damaged HairBefore you Swim: Soak your hair with water and a little conditioner before you hit the pool.  Hair is absorbent, so fill it up with chemical-free H2O and nutrients. It will absorb less of the chlorine and prevent damages. After you Swim: Shampoo your locks immediately. Washing out the chemicals right away will automatically cut your chances of chlorine-damaged hair. Another must is to deep condition (repeat: DEEP CONDITION) regularly. We can’t stress this enough! There will be so many nutrients that need to be replaced in chlorine-damaged hair, and the best way to achieve this is to deep condition. Be sure to also use a good sealant to lock in hair healing ingredients such as coconut or rose hip oil after your wash.