shutterstock_146387768 (2)  Curly, coily hair is fun and versatile, but every now and again, those kinks lose their spring due to dryness. Dryness happens when the cortex of the strand isn’t holding any moisture (basically because the cuticle barrier is stripped). Dry curly hair is the pits, but a simple change in your regimen can bring back that pep._DSC9077-Edit Dry curly hair is extremely prone to breakage. Use your Don’t Despair Repair mask at least once every other week to give your hair a deep spa treatment. Cover with a shower cap or sit under a steamer to allow the mask to penetrate the cortex. Your arid strands will drink up the moisture from the DDR. curl charismaIn between mask treatments, use your Curl Charisma to lock the vitamins and moisture into your dry curly hair. One good rule of thumb when dealing with a lack-luster mane is to cut down on shampooing. Instead, give that dry curly hair a good rinse under warm water, and use your Curl Charisma as a no-poo. Too much shampoo can strip the cuticle leaving the cortex vulnerable. Always, always, always seal your cuticle with your favorite oil or shea butter to lock in the moisture. Dry curly hair be gone!