Best Tips For Protecting Your Hair From The Sun

After a long cold winter for many, it is time to grab your shades and embrace all that summer has to offer! While a lot of attention is given to protecting your skin from the sun, protecting your hair from the sun is equally as important. Excessive sun exposure structurally impairs the outward part of your hair that is comprised of keratin fibers. This can cause your hair to look dry, brittle and lifeless. UV rays also weaken your hair cuticles, which can damage your natural hair pigments leading to a loss of color and vitality.

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Given the potential negative effects of UV rays, we at Briogeo put together 5 simple tips for protecting your hair from the sun so you can focus on enjoying all that summer has to offer!


1. Protect your hair

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Use fun hair accessories like hats, scarfs, and headbands to protect your scalp and hair from overexposure to the sun. Protective hairstyles like buns and braids also shield your ends from harmful UV rays and provide a sexy twist to any outfit.


 2. Skip the additional heat

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Summer is the perfect season to store away your hot tools and give your tresses a well-needed rest. Not only do hot tools like curling irons dry your hair, the heat forces the cuticle to split open, making your hair susceptible to damage from UV rays.


trim ends, protecting hair from sun, healthy hair tips, split ends, restore3. Trim Trim Trim

UV rays damage the hair by weakening your hair strands, which can eventually lead to split ends. Thus, trimming your hair during the summer months is especially important to avoid split ends that can cause the hair to look lifeless and dull.    

4. Rinse hair with cool water

conditioner, protecting hair from sun, cold water rinse, healthy hair tipsWhile showering with cool water may be uncomfortable, those extra 4-5 minutes go a long way in protecting your hair from the sun.  Cold water seals the hair cuticle allowing your hair to lock in moisture and nutrients from your conditioner.



5. Hydrate from within

Create a strong foundation to combat UV rays by drinking 2-3 liters of water a day. Hydrating your hair from within ensures your hair strands receive the necessary nutrients they need to create healthy, strong tresses.

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Looking for specific products to help protect your hair from the sun? We recommend Briogeo's Be Gentle Be Kind shampoo. Fortified with green tea antioxidants and vitamins B5 & E, this shampoo will effectively cleanse your hair while providing nutrients to strengthen each hair strand. recover from sun damage, protect from sun damage, damaged hair treatment, Protecting your hair from the sun

For hair that has been over exposed to UV rays, the Don't Despair, Repair mask is a natural treatment that intensely repairs and nourishes weak hair. Fortified with strengthening keratin protein, this mask provides the necessary nutrients to repair the damage done by UV rays and thoroughly hydrates the hair helping to promote a radiant shine and luster.  Using some of these tips for protecting your hair from the sun will ensure your locks stay vibrant and healthy all summer long. Related post: Best tips for conditioning dry and frizzy hair