Each of us has had a period of dry hair, where brittle, arid strands persist for days, weeks, or months on end. Dry hair is the culprit behind fragile, lifeless hair that breaks easily and inhibits growth. We have a solution to your woes (hint: it involves a mask for dry hair), but before we get to this mask for dry hair, lets take a closer look at the cause. badhairday-01 Dry hair happens when the strand isn’t receiving enough oil from your scalp. Usually, this occurrence is due to a poor diet, excessive use of chemical hair treatments (i.e. colors or perms), stress, or the weather. On the reverse of this, healthy, shiny hair happens when the microscopic scales of the hair’s cuticle lie down to protect the inner layer of hair, known as the cortex. When these scales are not lying properly, your cortex is exposed and susceptible to damage. damaged hair treatment The good news is this damage is totally reversible.  A few habit changes will help your hair retain its moisture. First, drink more water. Simple. Next, you’re going to need to add a mask for dry hair to your regimen. Cue the Don’t Despair Repair! Don’t Despair Repair is the perfect mask for dry hair because it is loaded with those much-needed oils and vitamins that your hair uses to thrive. Using a mask for dry hair is going to put those essential oils back into the cortex. Last, you’re going to need an oil to seal the moisture into the cuticle after you’ve rinsed out the DDR. The oil you choose will really depend on what your hair likes. shutterstock_157536899 A mask for dry hair can be used as often as you feel you need it and can be left on for anywhere for 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You know your hair better than anyone, so the small details will depend on you. Don’t Despair Repair is the ultimate mask for dry hair. It’s spring! Stop masking your hair and add back the bounce by adding a mask for dry hair!