So the Briogeo Team ‘s expertise obviously lies in hair care not psychology or overall wellbeing, but we do know what feels good and what gets results. Spring is upon us, and we have decided that with the coming season, we need to be kind to our hair by being kind to ourselves. A happy you will ultimately lead to happy hair.   Smile Smiling fixes everything. Don’t believe us? Try it. Arguing with your co-worker, or having a crummy day, smile for 5 minutes and you are guaranteed to feel better. This goes for bad hair days too! Yeah, your curls may be flat or your straight strands are frizzy, but smile through it. Chances are, people won’t even notice your hair woes, and they will only see a beautiful smile.   Eat Well Diets kind of suck right, lets be honest about this. But you can totally implement a healthy approach to your favorite meals. Perhaps make a few more meals at home with fresh ingredients or swap your morning bagel for a piece of fruit. It’s National Nutrition Month, and your body needs fresh, natural nutrients to properly function. Your hair needs these nutrients too!   Do what you Love What’s the point of working in a mundane job, if you have to force yourself through the doors Monday through Friday just to spend the entire weekend in a stress-induced Netflix coma? Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. And guess what, when you let go of your proverbial ball and chain, you will be (yep, you guessed it!) Happy!   Simply put, your hair is an extension of your wellbeing. Implementing an overall change in your mental state will put you on the right path to happy hair will get you hair satisfaction (in addition to adding natural products, i.e. Briogeo). Being happy equals happy hair! Happy Girls