winter hair regimen

Winter Flurries and Furies - CreateYour Winter Hair Regimen

It is now officially the winter season.  The snow is falling, our cheeks are rosy, and our hair is now lifeless. The dry air is leaving our tresses parched and arid. Well, Briogeo is here to help you create your winter hair regimen. We've created products designed to repair damaged hair, combat fly-aways, and boost volume.  Everything you need to keep your hair looking great this winter season! It's time for you to know what causes dry and brittle hair. curl charisma

The Static:

The air is as dry as the Sahara at this point, and you’ve noticed that your curls have lost theirdefinition. This is where our Curl Charisma curl defining conditioner comes in. Designed to define and de-frizz, Curl Charisma uses rice amino acids and hydrating oils to put your fly-aways back in their place. While we are longing for the dog days of summer, we need to protect and repair damaged hair left by Father Winter.  For static prone hair, make Blossom & Bloom part of your winter hair regimen.

The Aridness:

Our once shiny mane has forgone its former glory and is now completely flat. The humidity in the air is gone, and it took the moisture from your hair too. Repairing dry, damaged hair is done by adding a deep conditioner to your weekly routine. Don’t Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask will revert you hair back to its old self.  Depending on your hair condition, use the treatment once a week for 5-10 minutes to replace the oils lost and repair damaged hair.  For an even richer penetration into your hair, leave it in overnight and wash out in the morning to repair damaged hair strands and ends.

winter hair regimenThe Deflation:

Finding that your crowning glory isn’t so thick and voluminous anymore? Again, it all leads back to the lack of moisture in the air. Adding Blossom and Bloom volumizing conditioner to your conditioning strategy will give you that edge back.  This volumizing conditioner will not only give you back that body you love, it will add a little bounce to your step. Don't wait -- create your winter hair regimen now so you can keep your tresses in check every season of the year.