When the summer sun starts to swelter, many of us start to feel the weight of our hair and seriously consider chopping it all off.  If you’ve been growing your hair out for the last year and wouldn’t dare, you at least flirt with the idea of recreating California beach waves to get into the summer mood.  While a short beachy vibe is always enviable (Cami D does it oh so well), there is a way to stay straight and long and still stun. We’re calling out all of the lovely ladies who keep their naturally straight hair long and lustrous throughout the summer months.  We call them the Long Hair Don't Care girls who flaunt this look effortlessly. jessica alba hot mommaDuring a jaunt through LAX this summer, Jessica Alba kept her ombre mane sleek and shiny to match with her turquoise leather jacket.  It’s tough to keep a healthy glow on a long mane that has also been color processed! Hot momma! miranda kerr long shiny hairMiranda Kerr shines everywhere she goes!  This summer she’s been rocking her long hair without a worry, even while holding her precious son, Flynn.  She has long layers and a bit of color in the front, but her natural hair texture is sleek and straight with a little bounce.     loran conrad queen of braidsLauren “LC” Conrad, queen of the braid, gets funky with long braids to break up the thickness of her mane.   To stay cool, Miranda Kerr (Can you tell?  We’re obsessed!) opts for a high ponytail or uses accessories like that buttery leather baseball cap! Here at Briogeo, we’ve built our products with one thing in mind:  beauty is all about keeping it healthy!  We believe clean eating, staying healthy, using nutrient-rich products whenever possible, and being mindful of your sun exposure are the keys to keeping long hair thick, smooth, and manageable in the summer months. This way you can always pull off the best trendy summer looks. Long-haired ladies, what’s your secret?  How do you keep it long and straight during a sweltering summer?  How do you keep it cool - ponytails and baseball caps like Miranda Kerr?  Which starlet’s style do you need to steal ASAP?  Kudos to our Long Hair Don't Care girls!