The CROWN Act: What is it and Why is it so Important?

Throughout history, the Black community has had a remarkable, extraordinary, and unique relationship with their hair. It’s a limitless, constantly evolving, and deeply expressive symbol of their heritage and culture. From twist outs, to goddess locs, and natural coils, hair is the daily crown Black women and men wear with pride. Black hair is, and always has been, beautiful, professional, and powerful. 

As vibrant and diverse as natural Black hair is, textured hair in the workplace, schools, and social spaces has often been unfairly stigmatized and devalued as unprofessional, messy, and unclean. For many decades, textured strands and protective hairstyles (such as braids, twists, and knots) have unfortunately been deemed as an “other”; because some people saw it as deviating from standardized beauty and societal norms, Black hair was subject to scrutiny. 
The bottom line: Hair discrimination is racial discrimination. Black hair should be celebrated, embraced, and welcomed every day, everywhere

Whether you’re familiar with the CROWN Act or you’re checking in to learn more about the latest developments in the movement towards embracing natural hair and protective hairstyles, we’re breaking it down right here. Together, we can make sure coils, braids, twist outs, bantu knots, and locs can show up authentically, naturally and boldly!


What is the CROWN Act?

The CROWN Act—an acronym for Create a Respectful and Open Workspace for Natural Hair—was drafted in California in 2019 by Senator Holly J. Mitchell as a response to the widespread race-based discrimination and biases centered around textured, Black hair, and protective hairstyles. 

Studies show: 

- 80% of Black women feel that they need to alter their hair from its natural state to be accepted at the office.

- Black women are 3.4x more likely to be viewed as unprofessional.

- Black women are 1.5x more likely to be sent home from the office due to their hair. 

Previously, there were no laws in place to protect the Black community from discrimination in the workplace based on their hair. This means that individuals could be denied entry into school, the workplace, and other spaces based on their natural hair and/or hairstyle. 

As of February 2022 it is prohibited to discriminate based on hairstyle and hair texture in 14 states (CO, MD, NY, NJ, VA, WA, CT, MD, NV, IL, NM, OR, NE and DE)! Not only does this law protect individuals at work and school, it also covers housing programs and federal assistance programs. This is great progress, but we still have a long way to go as we work to fulfill the dream of inclusivity. 

The CROWN Act was enacted to put an end to the injustices and arbitrary bias surrounding Black hair so that everyone, everywhere can feel welcome and accepted.


Briogeo Supports The CROWN Act

As a Black-owned brand founded on a mission to celebrate people of all backgrounds and ethnicities, Briogeo is and always has been committed to diversity and inclusivity. We support the CROWN Act’s progression towards creating equitable spaces and opportunities for the Black community. Black hair is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated and embraced; no one should ever feel excluded from any space based on their identity, culture or race. 

We still have a lot of ground to cover, but we will always be here, at every step of your hair journey to keep you informed  and help you to wear your crown with pride.


Important Update!

The conversation about The CROWN Act doesn’t end here. Here are some major new developments: 

On March 18, 2022, The CROWN Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives for the second time! If enacted by the Senate + signed by the President into law, this will prohibit discrimination based on an individual’s hair texture or style at the federal level.

Historically, the Black community has unfairly experienced discrimination based on their natural hair and protective hairstyles at work, school and in society. This bill would be an important step in the right direction towards the movement to end race-based hair injustices. 

Join the movement to end the arbitrary bias surrounding Black hair by joining The CROWN Coalition by:

Sign the petition to end race-based hair discrimination 
Read the official press release about the CROWN Act 
Follow the CROWN Act on Twitter 
Follow the CROWN Act on Instagram
Use the hashtag #CROWNcoalition to show your solidarity and support of the CROWN Act


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