The Briogeo Team Wellness Routines

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In honor of our new B. Well launces, we thought we'd ask our Briogeo team members about their go-to wellness routines! 


London Kasmir: Social Media Coordinator



Wellness to me means feeling balanced and whole mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Whatever process needs to happen for the four to be aligned varies by individual but I think mastering the art of this balance is powered by focusing on overall wellness.

My wellness routine consists of face masking, aromatherapy, eating well and drinking a lot of water. My holy grail face mask is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. If I am feeling stressed or need a spa-like atmosphere, I light my favorite candle and put my B. Well Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil in my diffuser, close my eyes, ad relax. My favorite easy and healthy meal to make us salmon and spinach. Both are loaded with nutrients and super yummy too!

I try to get better and better at this last one but I keep a 24oz water bottle with me during the day – the goal is to drink five bottles per day (the health benefits to this are self-explanatory) but I personally feel more energized and a lot less bloated when I up my water intake!


Taylor Garro: Influencer Relations Coordinator



To me, wellness has many layers! Mind, body & soul. Some of the key elements in my wellness routine include making time to unwind on the couch with my pup while watching Friends (Chandler Bing = Therapy), exercising 3-5x a week, and always finding one night a week for a hair mask (hi don't despair, repair!) and face mask!


Gaby Ross: E-Commerce Intern



On Wednesdays, I always do my in-depth skincare and wellness routines. I get home around 7pm and my roommates and I have just started to use Hello Fresh, so one of us always cooks one night out of the week so we come home to a cooked dinner.

After dinner is when I like to do my skincare routine and any other stuff. I just started to use Tula skincare which is this really cool company that uses probiotics in their products. I take off my makeup with any micellar water that I have. Before I wash my face I like to put a warm washcloth on my face for about 1-2 minutes to open my pores. Then I take the Tula purifying cleanser and rinse it off with cold water. I’ll then dry my face and apply my masks and while I wait for that to dry I’ll whiten my teeth. After I wash off the mask, I don’t like to dry my face after so I’ll just go straight into toning. I’ve been using The Ordinary glycolic acid toner which I really like! After I’ll mix The Ordinary alpha arbutin serum and The Ordinary vitamin C suspension. Once that settles in I’ll pat Tula’s overnight skin rescue moisturizer all over my face (which I highly recommend). Once I’ve finished with everything I like to binge watch any shows I’ve been watching on Netflix until I knock out.


Nikita Machak: Executive Assistant



I start my day with Melissa Wood Health workouts – they are quick and effective and help me stay grounded and centered throughout the day. During the day I tru my best to drink at least a gallon of water. When I drink a gallon of water daily I can tell the difference in my skin and just my overall feeling of wellbeing. As for my skincare routine… I used to try a million different products but I have really pared down my products to be super simple. This helps reduce clutter in my apartment and my skin also loves when I consistently use the same products!


Davy Yi: Influencer Relations Coordinator



For my wellness routine, I like to do an in-depth pamper routine that consists of:

  • Body scrub
  • Leave-in hair mask
  • Face mask (clay and sheet)
  • Painting nails
  • Playing with makeup


Vivian Markel: Content Marketing Associate



For me, my wellness routine is my morning routine. There nothing I love more than being productive early in the day to set the tone for the rest of my day. I love to wake up and go straight to the gym for about an hour. After working out, I shower and use the Drunk Elephant cleanser to wash my face and then the Briogeo Color Me Brilliant shampoo and conditioner (if it’s a wash day) to wash my hair. After showering I usually make avo toast or oatmeal for breakfast (my absolute favorite meal of the day), get dressed and then…skincare time. In the morning I like to keep it light. I like to apply my Youth to the People vitamin C serum, then the Supergoop daily moisturizer with SPF mixed with the Drunk elephant D-Bronzi sunshine drops for a little glow and protection from pollution (which there is a lot of in NYC). After this routine, I feel ready for the day and I’m off to work!


Faith Marino: Global Trade Marketing Coordinator



Most people do self-care Sundays but since I’m always bopping around on the weekends, Thursday evenings have become my dedicated ‘me’ time. I’ve dubbed it as the day where I’ll do something that I’ve always wanted to do but never make time for. A few Thursdays ago I took a barre class for the first time, another Thursday I went shopping in Soho and last Thursday I deep cleaned my apartment then cooked myself dinner. I always finish the night off with self-tanning and a face mask!


Carolina Zapata: Office Manager



  • Prayer + Meditation: I try to do a few days a week and am working towards making this a consistent daily practice
  • Positive Affirmations: Tell myself and others how beautiful and awesome they are!
  • Acupuncture and Facials x1 a Month: Helps keep my skin rejuvenated and acupuncture calms me and helps with anxieties
  • Morning Workouts: 2-3 days a week
  • Seared Salmon with salad is one of my fav things to prepare after a long day


Kathleen Carroll: Influencer Relations Coordinator



When I’m feeling extra stressed or need to unwind from a hectic day and practice self-care, I do a little extra for my skin and hair. I use the Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning mask followed by my tried and trues – the Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk and Blow Dry Crème to give my blonde hair some extra hydration. Face masking is also key – my current favorite is the pore refining mask from Origins. I follow it with a toner, the Caudalie eye cream, and of course our 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower oil for any and all irritation.


Adriana Parada: Social Media and Creative Content Senior Manager



My wellness routine consists of:

  • Napping/sleeping in with no shame when I need a little extra rest!
  • Face masking
  • Meditating, even if just for 5 minutes a day
  • Working out
  • Slowing down
  • Taking deep breaths throughout the day
  • Not checking my phone in bed (at night or first thing in the morning)


What's your current wellness routine? Give us all the deets in the comments below!


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