Do You Need to Detox Your Skin?

A major beauty trend that we've seen going viral, especially among the skincare obsessed community, is something called "skin fasting". This new beauty trend is essentially stepping away from that 10-step skincare routine that so many of us know and love to detox your skin from all your products. The question is: Do we really need to part ways with our beloved skin savers for a time? 


Why People Are Fasting




Did you hear? The cleansing-toning / essence-serum-moisturizer-eye cream-oil-spot treatment skincare routine is being challenged. Just as people go on a detox diet to cleanse their bodies and basically press a reset button, the same is happening for our skin. The whole idea behind the skin fast is to give your skin a break from all the products to improve its overall quality. Our skin, like the rest of our body, has ways of maintaining its own health. The idea behind the fast is that we want our skin to have a chance to breath and allow it go back to maintaining itself. Not only does this allow our skin to regain independence from all those products, but it also helps us pinpoint the products that are causing any irritation. 


How Do You Know if You Need to Fast?



We're not here to tell you you need to detox or not. If you're lucky and you're not really experiencing any skin issues (lucky you), then we don't necessarily see the point of stopping a good thing. Keep doing what you're doing! 

If you're experiencing irritation, blemishes, etc. and cannot for the life of you understand why, perhaps it's time to give your skin a break. That all being said, everyone has different skin. It 100% depends on what is best for the individual.

In addition to starting the skin fast totally being based on an individual level, each fast can also look very different depending on the person. Some people have completely given up all skincare products AND makeup for a period of time. Some have only been cleansing with water, and some cut out all skincare products besides a cleanser, moisturizer and an SPF product. 


My Detox Journey 

Hey guys, Briogeo Blog Writer Vivian speaking here. After all of my research on this "skin fast," I thought I would try it out for myself and take you guys along with me on this skin fasting journey. For the past 2-ish months my skin has decided to have its own Mercury in Retrograde if you know what I mean. I haven't any major skin issues since I high school when I would usually only get hormonal acne and the occasional pimple from not washing my face at night (I know, not a proud moment for me). Since then, I've honestly been extremely lucky in the skin department... But, since my face has decided to apparently go on strike, I thought this might be a great time for a little detox! 

Here are some photos of my skin currently:

I know this isn't horrible by any means, but my skin usually only breaks out if it's that time of the month.


What My Fast Will Look Like: 

For my skin fast I won't take out ALL of my go-to skin products. My skin is dry af and definitely needs some moisture, especially since we're going into the winter months. I will only stick to 3 products for the next 2 weeks:


I'll check back in in a couple weeks with my results. Stay tuned ;) 


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