7 Reasons Briogeo’s Scalp Therapy Kit Will Save Your Flaky, Itchy Scalp

Hairstylists and dermatologists alike will tell you that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! The Briogeo Scalp Therapy Essentials Kit includes everything you need to help remove impurities, flakiness and build up while restoring scalp hydration and providing immediate relief from itchiness. 

We did our due diligence to find out how this Scalp Therapy Essentials Kit works and why so many people are finding relief from their scalp woes for the first time ever!




The products in the Briogeo Scalp Therapy Essentials Kit are infused with Binchōtan charcoal. Binchōtan charcoal contains numerous small pores that absorb deep-rooted impurities and build-up from the scalp. The end result? Substantially reduced irritation, inflammation and scalp flakiness.


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See how Binchotan Charcoal works its magic:






The Scalp Revival charcoal + coconut oil micro-exfoliating shampoo contains plant-based micro-exfoliators that give your dry, flaky scalp a chemical-free scrub that will leave you feeling squeaky clean and itch-free.


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The micro-exfoliating shampoo is also infused with highly moisturizing coconut oil that reduces dry scalp flaking.


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The Briogeo Scalp Revival cooling jelly conditioner contains ultra-soothing peppermint and spearmint oil to calm the scalp with an invigorating cooling sensation.


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The charcoal + tea tree scalp treatment contains tea tree oil which is clinically-proven to reduce dry scalp flaking. It also includes witch hazel, which balances overall scalp hydration. In a consumer survey, 100% of participants said the treatment reduced flaking.


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The stimulating therapy massager helps increase scalp stimulation and circulation, supporting overall scalp health.


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Thousands of people are raving about this innovative, naturally-derived Scalp Collection all over the internet:


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"Even after just one use, my hair felt less irritated, and there were noticeably less flakes"


"The blend of peppermint, tea tree and spearmint oil soothes itchiness and irritation on contact."


"made specifically for people who struggle with chronically flaky, dry and exacerbated scalps."



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// I’ve never been so excited to wash my hair before // @briogeo’s new Scalp Revival Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner is unlike anything I’ve ever tried and my hair is seriously thanking me💙 After just one use I could see a difference in my hair...the charcoal in it washed away all my product buildup to boost volume, the peppermint oil instantly soothed my scalp and the tea tree oil helps maintain my hair growth. I loved the cooling effect ❄️❄️ on my scalp so much that I didn’t want to put it down! This product tackles so many hair concerns all rolled into one -it’s like a spa treatment for your hair plus a boost of biotin to help reduce hair loss. If you care about your hair like I know you do then don’t walk, run to get this product and thank me later! #sponsored #briogeo #briogeobabe

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